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Diana Marion Loosh Exclusive

Hello beautiful friends, It is such an honour to be offering you my weekly inspirations on behalf of Blush. I aspire to gift you a space of a different and a greater possibility. What if these inspirations could gift you a different perspective, a different point of view, that in turn creates a space for you to remember your true magnificence so that you can create so much more. You are an amazing infinite being and many of us have forgotten what we are truly capable of. My target is for you to remember this so that you can shift your consciousness and begin to live the life you truly desire, the life and living that has always been there just waiting for you to choose it!! Infinite blessings, Diana xx

Diana offers one on one transformational consciousness sessions, group clearing and healing courses, meditations and more. Please email or call Diana on 0425 700 267 for more information or alternatively visit the Loosh Exclusive website

When you gift to someone from a space of contribution rather than obligation, it always makes you feel lighter, more energised and joyous! You never lose, sweet being, you always gain! What if every time you perceived yourself being rejected was actually the universe’s way of redirecting you to something even better and greater?? What if the only thing in your way, is YOU? Whatever you’ve decided you cannot be or do, would you be willing to give it up now? Ask the universe what is truly possible for you and CHOOSE it! Infinite blessings, Diana xx When you do what makes you happy, what gives you goose bumps and makes you come alive is when you are the greatest contribution to everyone and everything! infinite blessings Diana
Always, Always trust what you know sweet being, if it lights up your body, wakes up your heart - choose it!! Infinite blessings Diana xx We get so busy with everyday stuff, so bogged down with the little stuff that we forget to truly LIVE!! Isn't it time to enjoy living and create a life you truly love? Infinite blessings Diana xx What if it really is sweet being?? What if its all projections and illusions we have bought into that are not even our truth?? Would you be willing to give them all up now?? Would you be willing to return all those thoughts, feelings and decisions back to from wherever they came, so you can truly begin to discover what’s truth for you?? Let them go NOW and stop running away from what you don't want and start running to what you truly would love to have! Infinite blessings Diana xx What if everything you think isn't yours anyway? What if you're a psychic sponge downloading information 24/7? Would you be willing to return all of those thoughts back to wherever they came from? What if it's that easy? Infinite blessings Diana xx
Sweet beings, don't get hooked & stuck in the energy of what's gone, left you or is now over, instead turn around & perceive what amazing possibilities are on their way to you right now! Infinite blessings Diana xx Often our biggest hurdle in life is self doubt, it can paralyse us into total shutdown. So I wonder, what’s it going to take for us to trust in us? When we trust in ourselves, we always know what to do - ALWAYS! Infinite blessings Diana xx Would you be willing to let go of anything that isn't serving you? It's not giving up or quitting, it's just allowing another way that just might actually work to show up? Infinite blessings Diana xx I wonder if you opened your heart to infinite possibilities what could show up for you sweet, amazing being? I wonder what miraculous energies could contribute to you creating a life far greater than you dreamed possible? Infinite blessings Diana xx
Be the vibration of joy and everything that matches that vibration will show up in your reality, sweet being! I know it sounds so simple, yet, it really is true! Infinite blessings Diana xx What would you like to create as your life? What would you like to choose? Know you are a creator, you have the power to change, nurture, love, grab & run with your life in any way you choose! So choose! Infinite blessings Diana xx Trust that you will know when you are creating something from your infinite self, it will feel so light, so joyful, so easy, and so delightfully, exquisitely true for you!! Woohoo! Infinite blessings Diana xx What will it take for all of us to remember how truly amazing we be? That just our presence on this planet makes a difference? Today I will hold the energy for you to remember your magnificance...that you being you is more than enough! Infinite blessings, Diana xx
 When we laugh & smile an energy lights up in us that creates a ripple effect of infinite joy! When you smile, you change the energy of everything around you. So let’s light up the world, beautiful being, one smile at a time! Diana xxToday is a brand new day sweet being! What can you create today that you never dreamed possible? What can you choose today that you’ve never been able to choose before? Infinite blessings Diana xx
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